How To Own A Racehorse:

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Horse racing is considered to be the sports reserved for kings but participation is not just only for the kings or the millionaires with smart planning it is possible to own a race horse to fulfil your desire to watch your racehorse winning or even just stepping in the race course. You can own a stake in your own horse and it can give you a chance to be a racehorse owner as well as increase your chances of bagging a win. One should always be enlightened in the very beginning that trophy assets such as investing in classic cars or fine wines should be considered to be a hobby rather than an investment.

Investing in a racehorse:

The most cost-effective way to get involved in owning a racehorse is to either get enrolled into a racing club or join a syndicate.  Syndicates allow a group of buyers potentially around 20 people to have a share in a horse or horses. The syndicate manager runs all the errands of the business liaises with both the horse’s trainer and also the syndicate member, they provide all the necessary information and progress updates to whoever it is deemed necessary. They are also responsible for preparing all the horses for the race as well as also deciding where and when the horse will compete.

Syndicate costs may vary according to the different firms who offer these services. It also greatly depends upon the size of the stake and the horse that you are planning to buy. For example, if you plan on buying the offspring of the world champion it will cost you more than a horse with a less-worthy parentage. It is advised to look up to the industry-backed websites to get a better knowledge about the syndicates which are currently available at different prices. Syndicates of Elite Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd provide owner’s badges on the race days; these badges allow the owner to access the different parts of the racecourse’s off limits to the general public.


If you are willing to join a syndicate, you need to know everything about what you are getting in to. First thing you should look for is if the horse is bought or if its on lease. Considering that it is a leased horse one has to know that the original owners has the rights of the ownership of the horse but syndicate pays an amount to run the horse under its name and also to keep the winning amount if the horse wins the race. The other thing that is vital to understand is to understand exactly what you are paying for and what is including in the price that you are paying. With all this knowledge you are good to go to purchase your own horse.

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